Sunday, September 18, 2011

A New Way to PULL Customers with Coupons!

It's the age-old quesion: how do I get new customers to my business, and how do I keep them coming back? And how do I do it without spending all my profits on advertising vehicles?!

Here is your answer! is a revolutionary way to post coupons and offers to customers right around your neighborhood- no waste, no high-cost, all at a very reasonable cost to you- FREE for the first 30 days or more!

Here's how it works: Sign up for a Merchant Account, and you get 30 days FREE to check it out. After that it's only $20 per month, flat rate. takes no fee, no commission and no percentage- after the monthly fee your only cost is the cost of your discount, coupon or offer.

Customers bring in the coupons on the SmartPhones- so you can actually scan them as a QR code- and when you do it redeems the offer and cancels it in their account. One use, plain and easy!

How do you scan the codes? You can use your POS scanners, or your own SmartPhone. QR codes are the only bar-coding system that can be scanned phone-to-phone or screen-to-screen. Place your own code on other coupons, newspaper ads, even your TV ads. Drive in new and repeat customers for a fraction of the cost of a coupon mailer pack or a newspaper ad!

You can even earn reduced rates by helping with our marketing- referring other merchants, posting our materials, etc.

Want to learn more? We'll visit your store and answer all your questions- or join us today during our beta testing phase! Scan our QR code below to get started:

FREE coupons on your SmartPhone.

Set up your Merchant Account today!

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