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Drive fresh new customers with QReditScanner

QReditScanner is the new way to drive fresh customers- and reward loyal customers- through mobile couponing and QR codes.

What is QR-Code?
A QR-Code is a bar code that can contain any text, numbers or URL. It can be placed on product labels, billboards, tags, websites, etc. By using a smart phone and QR-code reader, a user can uncover the encoded information that is linked in that code. The code can be placed everywhere and be used for a variety of reasons.

Consumers and smartphone users have been using QR codes for everything from social media interaction to entering sweepstakes, According to eMarketer below, deal or coupon is the most common
Actions for Which US Smartphone Users Have Used QR Codes, Feb 2011:
  1. To get a coupon, discount or deal = 53%
  2. To get additional information = 52%
  3. To enter a sweepstakes = 33%
  4. To sign up to receive more information = 26%
  5. To access a video = 24%
  6. To make a purchase = 23%
  7. To interact with social media properties = 23%
  8. Other = 11%
  9. Don’t know = 2%
Major companies like Target and Wal-Mart have recently begun using QR codes inside there stores, and you may have seen MACY*s new TV ads featuring QR Codes on signage throughout their stores and their ads. But here's the kicker: most of these companies are driving customers to their websites, and NOT GIVING them the instant-satisfaction of a coupon that can be used right from their SmartPhones!
Can QR codes be used, let’s say, to offer a coupon code for your customers and generate more loyal customers for your brand?

Let’s take a look at a typical customer and how they might use QR codes: click here for a pictorial version.

1)Customer is going to the Target (announce in Oct, 2011) to buy some Laundry Detergent. He walks down the long aisle of laundry detergents without knowing which one to pick.
2) He stops at the Downy section and sees a little label next to the Downy detergent saying, “Scan this code for a coupon”

3) He pulls out his smart phone and by using one of the free QR code scanners scans it.
4) His phone opens up his web browser that immediately takes him to the coupon page of Downy’s website. By using one of his existing accounts (or creating a new one) he logs in to Downy’s coupon page and picks one of the Downy’s coupons.

5)  He then picks the coupon that he likes, and goes to the cashier to finish his purchase. He shows his phone to the representative at the Target register, who just scans his phone or types in the number that would give him % off of  his Downy product.

Customer is happy and satisfied! That was easy wasn’t it?

Why not to offer them a coupon right at your site and save them all the time and hassle of running around. Ask them to sign up before getting a coupon, and, Bam!, you got yourself a customer email address for future promotions or engagements. Possibilities are limitless!

The benefits of using QR-codes for building brand loyalty.
• New customer being added to the mailing database for future promotions or surveys.
• Full tracking ability of visitors and coupons and scans
• Satisfied customers
• Green and Innovative
• Many possible test benefits (ex. a/b testing)
• Coupons can be promoted through website, social sites, and in stores

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October 19, 2011 for this information!

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